How to obtain European Union Visa


If you need a visa for 365 days for the Schengen area, we can offer you help in getting a visa D. You can apply from within Schengen before the expiration of your current visa to get it in a matter of weeks


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Please note that we only provide help to candidates that have prior business or managerial experience and that will maintain SELF-EMPLOYED status in Europe via creating their own business or extending a branch of their existing company or by joining an existing business as an active partner. We do NOT offer job search.

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If you are already in Schengen and you need to be able to stay, you normally cannot extend your travel visa C

You need therefore to have a residence permit or a long term visa that will allow you to stay longer than 90 days (maximum allowed under visa C)

We will help you obtain your visa D in a matter of weeks. You cannot get travel visa C during COVID.

Can I Apply?

For all inquiries please WhatsApp +32 460 24 51 40 or contact us by e-mail.

The price of this service is 3000 EUR. Prepayment to start 1500 EUR. rest- upon approval of the visa.